Episode #4×39: Dumblevers

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  • UPDATE: Fan Bingbang has been released – sadly, this story ends in tragedy for her bank account.
  • Judge Kavanope was confirmed to the Supreme Court Saturday. Joe Manchin proved that there is no such thing as a West Virginia Democrat, and Susan Collins said “I believe victims of sexual assault, I just don’t care. LOL.”
  • Knock the Vote hopes to bring out the millennial vote by taunting us with a blistering ad about how we so often opt out of the process.
  • This week in creepy tech: BrainNet, Facebook Portal, and new Echo monitors.
  • AP Choice has us giving advice to aspiring rideshare drivers, and addressing Dumbledore’s preferred coital moves.
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Andrew has another wedding to bitch about, and with good reason!
  • Laura gets into an old-school showdown in her Facebook comments with an acquaintance.
  • PSA: Stop complaining about how fat you are. It’s annoying AF.

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