Episode #4×37: So Sexy

  • Thank you to this week’s sponsors, Robinhood, Chegg, GreenChef, and Harry’s!
  • Live from the #Millennial Pulpit this week, we are joined by Alex, who is both a listener and a pastor. We’re shocked that such a good person listens to THIS show.
  • Offensive Halloween costumes are back in full force this year. What’s sexier than sexual servitude?
  • Do: Dress up like Black Panther if you want! Don’t: Paint your skin brown. Why is this hard for people?
  • Is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein next on the Trump chopping block? What this would mean for the Mueller investigation and why we should all be prepared to protest.
  • Hidden from the Headlines: Tens of thousands of student loan borrowers under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program just got screwed out of debt forgiveness after paying on their loans for 10 YEARS. Life pro-tip: Call your lenders to make sure you’re not in “pay-head status” if you’re a PSLF recipient.
  • Surprise Bitch! Brings back a, um, former guest host.
  • Alex tells us all about the process of becoming a pastor, and how he knew from a very young age that this was his calling. He also fills us in on some of the common misconceptions of his field, and some important social justice work he is doing.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Some personal updates from the hosts AND…
  • …Ticketmaster looks to be guilty of some fuckery that would result in them benefitting from multiple processing charges as a result of running their own reseller service.

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