Episode #4×35: All Of The Dairy

  • Pat is back with some big news: His fam won Best Cow at the county fair. #BumpkinLife
  • Shockingly, Pat was uninterested in dating Show Andrew but came around once he met Real Andrew.
  • Important Announcement: Andrew has hSv, not hPv.
  • Why the hell do people not leave when a hurricane is coming their way? Stay safe, East Coast!
  • Facebook Official Patrons ask two questions: Is Trump’s position on trade justified? How do we feel about horror video games?
  • Apple is back with new products you don’t need but will probably buy anyway. Poor Laura: She has no choice but to get one!
  • “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’ Apple Watch is the new Life Alert.
  • A new tool from the New York Times reveals how much hotter our hometowns have been getting. Do the results surprise us? At least one of us is genuinely shocked.. in the wrong way.
  • A new report has found that taken selfies negatively affects your self esteem. Wait, what?
  • This week’s Surprise, Bitch call brings us to Pat’s home state of Wisconsin. Brittany reveals she doesn’t.. have.. a smart phone!?
  • Hidden from the Headlines: The Trump administration has been denying U.S. citizens passports. And Pam reveals that her grandparents are worried about her.
  • Recommendations: Spider-Man for PS4, Brandless, and Cupping. EW. (Not the sexy type of cupping)

And this week in After Dark:

  • MuggleSuck returns and we straight up talk shit on a whacked out person. You won’t believe the nonsense they pulled on 9/11.
  • WTF News: A dog mayor, cops wasting time, and a right-shoe robber.

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