Episode #4×29: James Gunt

  • We chose avocado toast over paying the bills, but we still managed to return from our summer break as promised.
  • Where do we stand on Disney’s firing of James Gunn? How false equivalencies and absolutism have made this debate a frustrating one.
  • Andrew made Laura a song, our listeners fap to Andrew, and much more in this week’s confessional.
  • In altogether non-shocking news, then-candidate Trump was presented with evidence that Vladimir Putin sought to interfere in the 2016 election, and a best friendship was born.
  • If a drunk girl doesn’t vomit in an Uber, and the driver reports it, does it leave a mess?
  • Demi Lovato relapses after 6 years of sobriety: we share our take on the growing opioid epidemic.
  • The Trump administration is trying to cut key provisions of the Endangered Species Act, which will result in doom and destruction on planet earth (no, really).
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      2. ALSO comment here — there’s two proposals, so people should comment on both
      3. Find out who your federal reps are here

And in this week’s episode of After Dark:

  • The MuggleSuck Tales continue with a modern twist.
  • AP choice brings questions from our $10 Patrons: favorite meals to cook, experiences taking anti-depressants, homeschooling, and more!

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