Episode #44: Notorious MG


Just in time for Hanukah, our favorite Jew is back!

  • As the season finale gets closer and closer, we get a little nostalgic and invite ex-host Micah to join us for a very Trump-filled episode.
  • The holiday season is about gift-giving (and nothing else) but sometimes it’s a little stressful to find the perfect item for a loved one. So, the hosts have a few suggestions to help you out this festive season.
  • We take a moment in the show to discuss the horrible mass shooting that happened in San Bernardino, California. The four of us are just so fed up with having to hear our politicians give their “thoughts and prayers” instead of getting off their asses and doing something!
  • Andrew pledges that gun control is going to be his main focus in 2016 and isn’t afraid to be a dick about it!
  • Jimmy Carter is cancer-free! Now, the 91-year-old former president has his whole life ahead of him.
  • STD! Yeah, you know me! There’s this sexy new STD that’ll surely make the ladies bleed and gents cry (down there).
  • Beijing has gone full “red alert” on their ongoing smog problem. Laura, tries to give us details on the matter but her usage of metric terms just confuses the boys.
  • It is an Associate Producer’s Choice EXTRAVAGANZA! This week we are asked for advice on the responsibility of moving to a new city with or without the promise of a job. Plus, our favorite books of 2015!

And this week, on After Dark:

  • In our second ‘Favorite of 2015’ segment, we share our favorite uplifting news moments of the year.
  • Laura makes a huge confession that she’s never told any of us before. Andrew is in shock and has several follow up questions.

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