Episode #3×28: OUT!

  • “A threat to justice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” -Martin Luther King Jr. about objectively fucking terrible Hollywood writers 
  • The ongoing game of political Clue gets more serious as Donald Trump himself is caught red-handed with the candle stick in the library.
  • As a key EPA official resigns in protest over the Trump administration’s anti-science policies, we question whether such actions are admirable or selfish. 
  • Pay for Bae: how should couples split things like dates and bills? Is it okay for that dynamic to be lopsided? How are trends (and gender norms) affecting this discussion? 
  • AP Choice asks us how to start a new podcast. We have literally no good advice. 
And in this week’s (long) After Dark, available to $2 Patrons and above!:
  • We air out our guilty pleasures and learn about some… weird ways of making sure you’re all clear to poop.
  • AIM is a treasure trove of embarrassing, 10-year-old conversations between the hosts back in their tender teens. We read through some and regret it instantly.

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