Episode #3×20: We’re Still In

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  • Women and girls across the globe shout COME AT ME BRO into the night, emboldened by the power and mystique of Wonder Woman. 
  • Associate Producer’s Choice – topics submitted by our rockin’ sockin’ $10 Patrons – gets goofy. #EatEverything
  • “I’m here to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not the citizens of Paris,” said a president who REALLY THINKS PARIS CAME UP WITH THE PARIS ACCORD?? REALLY? 
  • But actually. What is the Paris Climate Accord? What did it do, and why did Trumpacolypse withdraw the United States from it? If you’re just as infuriated as we are, demand your mayor and governor join wearestillin.com 
  • Bill Maher ain’t no Mark Twain. He’s just a dick who used the N word. But what should be done about it? 
  • Apple creates a new kind of “Do Not Disturb” mode, presumably for people who like to carry phones but not use them. #wut
  • Hidden from the Headlines: Puerto Rico. And the Founding Fathers spit on us. 
In this week’s After Dark:

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