Episode #3×15: DO IT LIVE!!


  • Et tu, Brute? Laura betrays the sisterhood and someone gets salty AF.
  • 13 Reasons Why Not to Watch This Show, and the Unicorn Frapp: a monster of our own design.
  • THERE’S NO WORDS ON IT. FUCKIN THING SUCKS. -Bill O’Reilly, or #Millennial listeners? 
  • Bye boi! 
  • Let’s talk about France, baby, let’s talk about you and oui. The French presidential election is freaking people the fuck out, and for good reason.
  • What do you want to hear on your death bed? “You are loved”? “Heaven is real”? “Donald Trump’s in prison”? Are the last two the same thing? The hosts investigate. 
  • Uber gets a smackdown from Apple and Andrew starts his own religion. 
And in After Dark:
  • Hidden From the Headlines: Dow Chemical asks President Thundercunt to ignore a new government study that found Dow’s pesticides are fuckin up 1,800 endangered animals. “WHAT WILL DONALD DO?!” wonders nobody. 
  • “Dear Diary, I am about to receive terrible advice. But here’s go nothing.” We respond to a few listeners’ requests for sage life wisdom.

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