Episode #3×12: The Power of Pepsi


  • The prodigal son returns: welcome back, Matthew.
  • The city of Atlanta has decided to become a literal dumpster fire; meanwhile, the DC dumpster fire rages on as Steve Bannon is yanked from his NSC post – by none other than the Trumpster himself.
  • Andrew recounts another hang and bang story with some show listeners.
  • Friends and family members of airline employees strike back with some listener feedback – tl;dr if you’re flying for free, don’t be a dick or dress like a hobo.
  • In News, we cover a myriad of cheerful tales such as chemical attacks in Syria and the stolen SCOTUS seat and impending filibuster of Neil Gorsuch. Andrew saves us with some tech talk.
  • Student loan debt holders have 99 problems and they’re all Navient/Fedloan.
  • Devil’s advocate forces Laura and Matt to defend Pepsi’s latest advertising gaffe. Nothing says “grab a Pepsi” like racial discrimination and police brutality!
  • Surprise, Bitch! returns. Prepare to be disappointed.
And on this week’s edition of After Dark:
  • We have a voicemail number specifically for Patrons! Call and tell us to call barf bag of ice.
  • UN Women and Mexico City Officials have installed “penis seats” on metro cars in an effort to show men what it feels like to get an unwelcome boner rubbed on your ass during your daily commute.
  • Mens’ reactions range from discomforted chuckles to deep offense, which is a bit of an overreaction – the seats are just paying them a compliment.
  • Andrew and Matt argue about why movie theater attendance is up. Laura goes catatonic.

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