Episode #3×04: Alternate Facts


  • With Andrew missing in action, we decide to display some of our own #alternatefacts.
  • Tourists. Good for the economy. Bad for literally everything else. 
  • Listener Feedback asks for our advice on how to handle Trump-loving relatives and traveling alone. We provide zero insight. 
  • News kicks off with the Women’s Marches: a movement, or just a moment? And why liberals can sometimes be their own worst enemy.
  • President Insecurity is determined to make Americans believe he won the popular vote… by upending confidence in our democratic system! Why not! #FuckIt
  • SnapChat is let off the hook after one of its stupid features inspires a stupid woman to drive 100 MPH and cause a major stupid traffic accident. 
  • Devil’s Advocate asks us to argue in favor of some of Trump’s first Executive Orders. Our souls wither. 

And in After Dark:

  • A quick look at how the cabinet is shaping up, but really, not really. This gets weird fast as we decide to take a break from serious news and just shoot the shit.
  • We accept Andrew’s firing of us all.
  • The perfect penis? Pre-sex hygiene habits? Pegging? This After Dark has it all.
  • Except class.

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