Episode #2×33: Taco Emissions


  • Andrew isn’t here, so we answer all your burning questions about him. 
  • Warner Bros’ legendary failure of a week has us asking: if company slogans were 100% honest, what would they be? 
  • This week in science: antibacterials don’t work, and neither do your genes. Why the FDA ruled against antibacterials and why you’re probably fat. Tonight at 9.
  • Lions and tigers and zika, oh my! And bees and butterflies and pollinators across 48 contiguous states dying from a new zika-targeted pesticide. Oh… shit. 
  • Don’t set cars on fire. Use your feces instead. 
  • And in this week’s installment of Dumpster Fire 2016: technology continues to be Hillary Clinton’s greatest nemesis, but taco trucks may be her savior. 
In this week’s After Dark:
  • As aging Millennials, we’re starting to get asked a lot about having kids. Why. 
  • How do we want to raise our kids? Why is Laura’s daughter named Pedro?
  • An impromptu round of Google that Shit reveals a lot of Americans are losing their children. 

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