Episode #2×15: Below Average

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  • Andrew returns from last week’s stint in prison to find his world has collapsed.
  • “I’ve got transparent pandering in my bag. Swag.” -Hillary Clinton
  • News kicks off with a brand new study that reveals either we’re all morons, or the study’s authors are.
  • New legislation in Congress would permit 9/11 victims’ families to sue Saudi Arabia for their role in funding the terrorist attacks. 
  • In related news, submissions now open for our #sueme photoshop challenge.
  • Bruce Springsteen and other A-List artists take North Carolina to school, protesting the new anti-LGBTQ law through the power of song and dance. Or lack thereof. 
  • Inky the octopus chooses liberty over safety in this year’s new Pixar flick, “Get Me the Fuck Out of Here.” Rated G.
  • A new segment called “The Number” tests our knowledge of the Millennial generation and unearths precisely how below fucking average the four of us are. 
  • Surprise, bitch! introduces us to Megan, the perfectly kind music teacher from Pennsylvania who absolutely did not deserve to be harassed by Matt for 10 minutes.
And in this week’s After Dark:
  • How are our values impacted by our age and our experiences? Are they, even?  
  • At least we’re pro-choice now. WHAT? Yeah. You read that right. 
  • Why do so many people our age become less religious as they age? What role has the internet played in this?
  • Laura gets sexually aroused and verbally pleasures someone’s ego.

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