Episode #2×11: Gives Me Sad

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– We begin with a message about recent, horrific attacks around the world. Please donate to the Belgian Red Cross and Turkish Red Cross if you can.
– Andrew has an issue with his upstairs neighbors he needs help on. This is war.
– Don’t forget to order your new #Millennial shirt! And to join our Book Club! And new this week in not forgetting: Don’t forget to submit questions for next week’s AMA!
– In Quickfire News, we tackle an update on the new $10 bill, Twitter controversies, Georgia’s Religious Freedom Bill, SeaWorld, and Obama’s busy week between Cuba and Merrick Garland.
– In our Confessional we address living at home with your parents and a transitioning listener who’s had to deal with PC culture at a new extreme.
– This week’s AP Choice is from Anne, who wants to know what to do about her boyfriend’s annoying friend.
– Surprise, Bitch! We’re live from Cuba!
– Batman v Superman hits theaters this weekend and.. it’s not good, according to critics.

In this week’s After Dark we continue our discussion on PC culture. How often does bullying occur inside the progressive movement? Will everyone be able to agree on trigger warnings? How can institutions better handle issues of social justice?

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