Episode #17: A Horse Named Andrew

#Millennial is Andrewless this week and recording without him feels vulnerable and awkward, like stepping outside your front door naked. Brace yourselves. In this episode:

-The LIVE show was this past Sunday, and if it had a name, it would be titled “Mother of Dragons.”

-Raffle winner Mario Padillo asks us to talk about yet another shooting in Tulsa, OK, that’s left a 21-year-old paralyzed. Thanks for the fun topic, Mario!

-The Highway Trust Fund is effectively bankrupt. How can we make infrastructure sexy so people will start talking about it?

-Last week the U.S. House of Representatives, bastions of foresight and wisdom, passed a bill outlawing abortions occurring later than 20 weeks. The legislation won’t pass the Senate, but we still have questions about why it passed anything.

-In more lighthearted news: the Boston Bomber was sentenced to death. Great. Great?

-Heather wins this week’s Patron’s Choice and asks us to talk about our favorite, and least favorite, books. We express some thinly-veiled bitterness toward our high school English teachers.

-Who Said It? We guess who is credited with a few different historical quotes, and Hitler makes the least surprising appearance ever (with the exception of that one time he popped up in the Rhineland. Awkward.).

And in this week’s After Dark:

-We share one more paranormal story from one host’s vacation house. We recommend you listen alone in your room with your lights off.

-This week’s Game of Thrones is causing controversy with its ending scene. We warn listeners who don’t want to be spoiled to stop listening, then dig in and evaluate the validity of everyone’s rage.

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