Episode #13: The Floval Office

#Millennial is back with lucky episode 13. This week’s special blend of clusterfuck includes:

– THE STAR WARS TRAILER! And a couple others. BUT STAR WARS!

– Sean McKee asks us to talk about Tennessee’s futile attempt to make Andrew Jackson’s Bible the official State book. Because fuck it, their reputation’s already screwed.

– Parents of the Boston Bomber’s victims ask the court to take the death penalty off the table. The hosts continue to disagree over the merits of capital punishment.

– Observe: a non-assholish CEO in the wild. Tread carefully. It picks up the scent of skepticism.

– “Hey guys I have this super cool gyrocopter is it okay if I land it illegally on the U.S. Capitol to highlight the evils of campaign finance okay thanks I’ll just leave it here.” -No one ever. Except this one guy.

– Somehow campaign finance reform devolves into a story of the time we all visited a sex shop together. Can someone provide us a flow chart?

– Laura shares a personal WTF story related to Andrew’s other show, MuggleCast, and Forbes’ apparent unfamiliarity with the concept of fact-checking.
The story of one female CEO who thinks a woman shouldn’t be president, because only women have hormones? Surprise, boys! Those aren’t really chest hairs and ball sacs, they’re logic-threads and IQ-containers.

– We read some very angry listener feedback that does an excellent job of explaining exactly why we shouldn’t be your only news source. Seriously though. Please subscribe to the Washington Post. Or something. Basically anything except Forbes.

– The Hosts’ Confessional: Earlier this week, each of us submitted a confession anonymously through the Confessional. We read them aloud on air so you can vote on which confession was made by which host. Next week– we guess ourselves, and make the big reveal.

– Recommendation: One of our listener’s artwork on Patreon!

And for our Patreon subscribers, this week’s installment of After Dark includes:

– On this 4/20, Andrew shares the harrowing tale of how a bad buzz put him at risk of slipping into another dimension. Matt bore witness and shares what it was like babysitting Quantum Leap.

– The Bruce Jenner interview airs this Friday, and two of the hosts are curious: who the hell is Bruce Jenner?

– We each divulge something that really annoys us, but that we feel compelled to hide. SURPRISE: we’re all assholes.

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