Episode #10×23: Glue on Pizza? Big Tech Forces Bad AI Features On Us, AI Andrew Rises

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real AI talk!
  • What does Open AI’s recent introduction of ChatGPT as a live translator mean for accessibility and for translators?
  • Google has also rolled out its own AI search results assistant and it is… still in need of some work. “Use glue on your pizza to make the cheese stick, according to fucksmith on Reddit!”
  • All of Meta’s products now have an AI chatbot integrated – why aren’t we allowed to opt-in on these new features? Andrew doesn’t want to see laughing babies when he’s trying to stalk Laura on insta!
  • In DC, lawmakers have taken notice of the increase in AI deepfake porn and are looking to put a stop to it!
  • While Sen. Dick Durbin’s attempt to introduce a bipartisan bill turned out to be too broad, Ted Cruz (R-TX, and the most hated Senator on both sides of the aisle) is sponsoring the Take It Down Act. 
  • To illustrate the impact of AI porn deepfakes, we look at a recent example involving actor Jacob Elordi, whose face was used on the body of a minor in a deepfake. Posts of this deepfake were viewed more than 3 million times on Twitter.
  • And deepfake voice AI is coming to create misinformation in our upcoming election season. :/
  • The FCC has made it illegal to make robocalls using AI-generated deepfakes, and is even proposing a $6 million fine for Biden deepfake robocalls that were made during the NH primary. But how does this address robocall deepfakes from overseas?
  • The treat of the week: Andrew introduces us to his Riverside generated AI voice, and the results range from “that does not sound like you” to “why do you sound Australian?”
  • This week’s recommendations are good for the wallet and the soul: Spotify’s new BASIC plan to avoid price hikes (Andrew), Marco Polo app (Pam), and Getaway.house (Laura).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon and Apple Podcasts:

  • It’s another Patreon “Surprise Bitch!” edition. We hope you’re ready for our call and unhinged questions!
  • Turns out, many people don’t have the stomach to watch this week’s Presidential Debate. Don’t blame you!
  • FMK: Biden, Trump, Clinton (we think this one’s pretty obvious).
  • What do you wish we’d never talk about on the pod again?

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