Episode #10×20: Jennifer Ruined Quiet Vacationing For Everyone

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real talk! 
  • There are 34 reasons why we’re excited today but we can’t… quite… put our finger on it… 
  • OH YEAH! Some small modicum of justice was finally served – and it basically cured Laura’s covid! 
  • Dammit Jennifer: How a CNBC reporter put us all on blast and made our bosses suspicious of quiet vacationing. THANKS FOR RUINING IT JENNIFER! 
  • Have we ever quiet vacationed, and is there a way to do it right? Do we actually believe the aesthetic we often see portrayed of people quiet vacationing on a beach? 
  • While 46% of US workers don’t take all of their paid time off due to being worried about falling behind or missing out on promotions, we’re pleased to report that 74% of listeners responding to a #Millennial poll take ALL their PTO! 
  • Speaking of travel, we’re a little shook at the takes some vacationers have on the unspoken rules of travel… 
  • Is Andrew going to hell for storing his carry-on in the overhead bin? Laura says YES. 
  • Seat reclining on airplanes will forever be a controversial topic, we all know where our lines are drawn in the sand. 
  • What are our travel pet peeves? People rushing the airline gate, getting on planes when OBVIOUSLY sick, and listening to music without headphones! 
  • This week’s recommendations are a HEAD CARE edition: Hims Hair Loss Treatment (Andrew), Ice face rollers (Pam), and Eye massaging masks (Laura). 

And in this week’s installment of After Dark: 

  • What words are people muting on Bumble nowadays, and what key words would WE mute? 
  • We review our own dating profiles to reflect on what is most cringe about how we present ourselves to potential dates. 
  • “Guess what my shitty former friend said was WRONG with me based on my Bumble BFF profile.”

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