Episode #10×17: The GOOD Parts of Growing Up Millennial

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real talk!
  • The internet had some real talk for Watcher Entertainment in the wake of its announcement it was leaving YouTube and paywalling its previously free content. The response from their fans was swift and harsh, leading to Watcher rolling back its new model.
  • Laura’s been a fan of the Watcher team for years, and was disappointed by their approach to pivot to a 100% paid subscription model. The lack of consideration for their paid supporters on Patreon and the push to put past and future content behind a paywall showed a disconnect with where their audience is at currently.
  • What content are we looking for from our favorite parasocial relationships? We hear it again and again – authenticity is waaaaay more important than production value.
  • ┬áReddit inspired us to take a more sunny approach towards the millennial experience by asking ourselves, “what are the best things about being a millennial?”
  • The internet just hit different back in our day – we all hid behind weird screen names and avatars.
  • Are millennials the most adaptable generation when it comes to technology?
  • We (especially Andrew) count our blessings that our cringiest youth moments weren’t documented to be judged for all eternity. #findandrewssimsgf
  • Tbh we were feral as kids, roaming the neighborhood and getting into mischief until the street lights came on (and sometimes after).
  • We’ve got entertainment recs for y’all this week! ‘Gen V’ on Amazon Prime (Laura), ‘Pen15’ on Hulu (Pam), and ‘Challengers’ (Andrew).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon and Apple Podcasts:

  • Remember the really rude “Surprise Bitch!” segment we used to do back in the day? We’re resurrecting it for After Dark.
  • We’re randomly dialing up a few Patrons to ask them random questions like what basic thing they suck at, how they handle having a bad day, and what the last thing was they disagreed with us on.
  • “Andrew has bad taste in movies.” -A loyal listener giving it to Andrew straight.

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