Episode #10×09: Adapting Fantasy Books For TV, and Managing Fan Expectations (feat. the Fantasy Fangirls)

  • Welcome to Nicole and Lexi from the Fantasy Fangirls podcast!
  • We discuss the popularity of their show and why people connect to fandom-oriented podcasts. And they’ve become full time podcasters!?
  • Millennials always have to use their brains for hard adulting things (Don’t forget that tax season is coming up!). Let’s normalize using our brains for FUN things just as often!
  • We learn about A Court of Thorns and Roses, what types of audiences would be interested in this fantasy series, and why it’s been huge for nearly a decade.
  • The ACTOAR TV show has been in the works at Hulu but seems to have hit some development snags – What’s going on, and will it still see the light of day?
  • What would Nicole and Lexi like to see from an ACOTAR TV series?
  • We criticize because we care! As “prominent voices in fandom,” we discuss the backlash we receive as podcasters and how we handle it all.
  • Have we tempered our expectations for book-to-screen adaptations after the various works we’ve seen so far? And who’s actually done it RIGHT?
  • How many times can we forgive an author until they authorize too many changes from the original canon? (Nicole is still recovering from The Cursed Child….)
  • Recommendations: What the River Knows by Isabel Ibanez (Pam), AViewFromMySeat.com (Andrew), Everand (Nicole), and Anomolie and Throne of Glass (Lexi)

And this week in After Dark, available on Patreon and Apple Podcasts:

  • Smut can be a fun and light topic to talk about, but this discussion gets real when we analyze why it’s so popular: How can smut help improve one’s self, your confidence, and your relationship(s)?
  • Reading these books can also help someone find out what’s exciting to you, in order to feel fulfilled with your partner(s) or yourself.
  • How do us podcasters deal with with discussing smut when you might have kids listening? Well, we’ve got too many other problems to juggle (And smut discussions have seriously empowered listeners, so those talks are not going away)

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