Episode #10×02: Suburban Moms and the Kiss of Death

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real talk!
  • Hot on the heels of the Iowa caucus earlier this week, we aren’t at all surprised by the outcome.
  • Are pre-teens ruining Sephora, or are we turning into “olds”?
  • The lack of pre-teen spaces (shops, online spaces, for socializing) is leading to some adolescent girls leaning into trends that may not be healthy for them at this age.
  • The value of social currency still impacts us all, but it was at its height for our panel during those tween years.
  • What are the impacts of Gen Alpha not having their own Lizzie McGuire, Limited Too, and skincare brands?
  • Lest we forget that we are easily influenced: let’s discuss the rise (and soon to be fall) of the Stanley Cup (no, we’re not talking about hockey).
  • Suburban moms and kids getting in on viral trends are basically the kiss of death. Given the Stanley’s spot as a hot gift this holiday season, how long does it have before it’s usurped by the new hot trend in hydration?
  • Given these challenging economic times, our theme for this week’s recommendations is ‘little luxuries,’ or things you can still do to treat yourself without breaking the bank: Paleo Pines, which is on sale for $23.99 through 1/22 (Laura), TheLipStickLesbians on Tiktok for all your lipstick recs (Pam), and Celsius energy drinks (Andrew).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • How boomers ruined Facebook, and why our parents joining the platform changed the dynamics of how we were using it.
  • Are we too hard on boomers? “They started it!”
  • What are we thankful to boomers for? Rock n roll and birthing us (we guess).

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