Episode #9×42: Dark Brandon Returns, Tumblr Admits Defeat, Our Favorite Early-Internet Websites

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real talk!
  • Check out the newly launched #Millennial and MuggleCast store on Etsy! Grab extras of our awesome Patreon gifts while supplies last!
  • American news roundup: are y’all tired of this shit? So are we. Let’s keep it fun and short!
  • Another social media legacy encounters some woes: Tumblr is reportedly downscaling after failing to ‘turn around’ the site.
  • With Tumblr’s attempts at growth in recent years falling flat, their CEO admits it’s time to pivot. Is Tumblr already dead to us?
  • We reminisce about the apps and sites of yesteryear: MySpace, AIM, Vine, Foursquare, and more!
  • Our walk down memory lane makes us realize that Google is at its best when it acquires companies for its ecosystem – not so much when they try their hand at launching their own platforms.
  • Listeners sound off on some of their favorite OG internet fixtures: forums, Stumbleupon, Nimbuzz, Livejournal, Xanga, and Neopets.
  • Don’t forget to send your funniest, cringiest, most annoying Thanksgiving stories to our Confessional!
  • This week’s recommendations are helpful and fun: Get your flu shot and covid booster if eligible (Laura), PointsYeah (Andrew), and ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ on Netflix (Pam).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Do you ever worry about being overheard gossiping in public? Well buckle up: the latest trend on TikTok involves regular people eavesdropping and then relaying the gossip they overhear in great detail to the masses.
  • Let’s think about this, would someone want to find out they are being cheated on over TikTok?
  • Did Andrew ever drive your Uber? If so, he has a catalogue of all the best gossip he’s heard from passengers.

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