Episode #10×04: Jon Stewart and the Era of Comebacks

  • Welcome to #Millennial, the home of pretend adulting and real JON STEWART IS COMING BACK TO THE DAILY SHOW OMG OMG OMG talk.
  • As a Jon Stewart super fan, this is the revival Laura has been waiting for.
  • Why did Jon’s Apple TV+ show come to an end? And why did he leave us during the Trump years?
  • Trevor Noah made the Daily Show his own, and updated it in many much-needed ways. Will the second era of Jon Stewart as host keep up the momentum?
  • Whether it’s Jon Stewart or Mean Girls, it is our time to watch childhood nostalgia come back around. Are we tired of the entertainment sphere recycling the same ideas over and over?
  • No Elmo, we’re not doing okay.
  • Pam finds catharsis in the latest news about the scrapped Lizzie McGuire reboot, but sometimes even the most anticipated revivals can feel hollow and out of pace with the original material, so maybe Lizzie is better off.
  • How soon is too soon to reboot a beloved story or franchise? (Hollywood vs fan takes on this question)
  • This week’s recommendations are (sort of) on theme: The West Wing special to benefit When We All Vote on Max (Laura), Planet Fitness (Andrew), and “The Greatest Night in Pop” on Netflix (Pam).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Our friendship series continues! This week’s theme: timeliness and reciprocity.
  • How being chronically late with little to no communication has impacted past friendships for the panel.
  • What are we looking for in terms of reciprocity? Are relationships always 50-50?

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