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We brought you the original Jurassic Park. We crafted the first craft beer. We patented the concept of social commentary and invented the cat meme revolution. We are viral, apathetic, digital, entitled and diverse. We are the iEra of human evolution. We are #Millennial, the podcast for millennials.

Podcast For Millennials

And we’re here to change the world. Armed only with the ubiquitous power of USB headsets and mediocre production value, we will not rest until every inane story has been unearthed, turned to click-bait, and generated at least 300 pointless internet comments. We’re like Walter Cronkite with attitude, if Walter Cronkite had been an idiot.

Each week, a roundtable of friends discuss the latest news affecting our daily lives. But isn’t all about figuring out how to afford rent, securing our digital lives, and eating avocado toast — We also discuss butts, pesky relationships, annoying family members, and anything else that enters our medicated brains. Simply put, #Millennial is your podcast for dealing with and laughing through growing up.

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Episode #4×37: So Sexy

  • Thank you to this week’s sponsors, Robinhood, Chegg, GreenChef, and Harry’s!
  • Live from the #Millennial Pulpit this week, we are joined by Alex, who is both a listener and a pastor. We’re shocked that such a good person listens to THIS show.
  • Offensive Halloween costumes are back in full force this year. What’s sexier than sexual servitude?
  • Do: Dress up like Black Panther if you want! Don’t: Paint your skin brown. Why is this hard for people?
  • Is Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein next on the Trump chopping block? What this would mean for the Mueller investigation and why we should all be prepared to protest.
  • Hidden from the Headlines: Tens of thousands of student loan borrowers under the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program just got screwed out of debt forgiveness after paying on their loans for 10 YEARS. Life pro-tip: Call your lenders to make sure you’re not in “pay-head status” if you’re a PSLF recipient.
  • Surprise Bitch! Brings back a, um, former guest host.
  • Alex tells us all about the process of becoming a pastor, and how he knew from a very young age that this was his calling. He also fills us in on some of the common misconceptions of his field, and some important social justice work he is doing.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Some personal updates from the hosts AND…
  • …Ticketmaster looks to be guilty of some fuckery that would result in them benefitting from multiple processing charges as a result of running their own reseller service.

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Episode #4×36: En Garde

  • Hurricanes, mushrooms, and homeowner woes abound in this week’s #Millennial.
  • The Emmys were a snooze fest for viewers and presenters alike.
  • Brett Kavanaugh gets the Anita Hill treatment: Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has come forward with allegations that the SCOTUS nominee assaulted her when they were teenagers.
  • Did the Chinese government kidnap famous actress Fan Bingbang for tax evasion?
  • Guess which country wants to legalize dueling? Surprisingly, it’s not the US.
  • Google that Shit (or, in Soviet Russia, you no Google Shit, Shit Google you).
  • The Confessional gets personal: casual sex and ending long-term relationships.

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Late Bloomers! According to the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute, millennials are slower to get behind the wheel.
  • Boomers consume more news than millennials, but does quantity of consumption necessarily equate to quality?
  • We can’t defend this one: our generation has the lowest voter turnout numbers of any age group. VOTE LEST YE BE BONED BY STUDENT LOANS.

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Episode #4×35: All Of The Dairy

  • Pat is back with some big news: His fam won Best Cow at the county fair. #BumpkinLife
  • Shockingly, Pat was uninterested in dating Show Andrew but came around once he met Real Andrew.
  • Important Announcement: Andrew has hSv, not hPv.
  • Why the hell do people not leave when a hurricane is coming their way? Stay safe, East Coast!
  • Facebook Official Patrons ask two questions: Is Trump’s position on trade justified? How do we feel about horror video games?
  • Apple is back with new products you don’t need but will probably buy anyway. Poor Laura: She has no choice but to get one!
  • “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!’ Apple Watch is the new Life Alert.
  • A new tool from the New York Times reveals how much hotter our hometowns have been getting. Do the results surprise us? At least one of us is genuinely shocked.. in the wrong way.
  • A new report has found that taken selfies negatively affects your self esteem. Wait, what?
  • This week’s Surprise, Bitch call brings us to Pat’s home state of Wisconsin. Brittany reveals she doesn’t.. have.. a smart phone!?
  • Hidden from the Headlines: The Trump administration has been denying U.S. citizens passports. And Pam reveals that her grandparents are worried about her.
  • Recommendations: Spider-Man for PS4, Brandless, and Cupping. EW. (Not the sexy type of cupping)

And this week in After Dark:

  • MuggleSuck returns and we straight up talk shit on a whacked out person. You won’t believe the nonsense they pulled on 9/11.
  • WTF News: A dog mayor, cops wasting time, and a right-shoe robber.

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Episode #4×34: Red Panda Surprise

  • Welcome to the (shit)show, Angel!
  • Do furries dress as red pandas?
  • BREAKING: A senior White House official wrote an anonymous op-ed for the New York Times confirming the Republic’s dumpster fire status.
  • 2018 Gift for $10 Patrons: a #Millennial sticker set! Facebook Official Patrons can expect to receive theirs in a few weeks (Make sure your mailing address is up to date!). Pledge at the Facebook Official Level now to receive your sticker set later this year!
  • We’ve found the one thing millennials aren’t killing: STDs. The CDC has reported record jumps in the spread of gonorrhea, syphilis, and chlamydia. GET TESTED.
  • The one man advocating for student loan borrowers on the federal level has resigned his post in protest.
  • WTF: Proctor & Gamble has come up with a dumb, completely non-innovative marketing strategy.
  • 2 Truths, 1 Lie: Trumpster Fire edition.

And in this week’s After Dark, available to $2+ Patrons:

  • Laura is allergic to everything – tales of a trip to the allergist.
  • We check in with a former #Millennial co-host and ask if he’s seen any vaginas in his new line of work.
  • The Confessional: when friends with benefits goes awry and thinking your life is super lame and boring.

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Episode #4×33: Pumpkin Spice Laura

  • It’s a full show this week: remembering John McCain, a victory in Georgia, and PSL is comin’ back baby!
  • Actress and creator Mariana Novak joins us to talk acting life, voiceover work, Jason Bateman, and being Russian and American in the current climate.
  • We always knew Paul Manafort would look great in orange…
  • …and that Michael Cohen would flip…
  • …and that the National Enquirer has a safe filled with dirt on Trump?!
  • Looking forward to November 6th, Lyft will be providing free and reduced fare rides to your polling place!
  • These damn teenagers are taking our jobs: the wild, wild west of Instagram influencers.
  • The latest mass shooting in Jacksonville, FL makes us take a look at some numbers by playing The Number.
  • Someone actually answers for Surprise Bitch! on the first call!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • WTF News makes its return, and shockingly, neither of the stories originated in Florida.
  • How does everyday tech use impact our friendships and relationships? Do any of us just need to put the damn phone down?
  • Video games as a bonding tool: the cheap way to spend time with bae without reproducing.

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Episode #4×32: Uhhh

  • This week, listener Kelsey joins the show to give us public speaking advice (gulp)!
  • Pam is back from Vegas with an explanation of how she met a Backstreet Boy and why she bought $20 avocado toast and thus will be unable to retire.
  • How to embrace the nerves and anxiety surrounding public speaking? Remember that no one wants you to fail (unless your name begins with T and ends with rump).
  • Facebook is looking to solidify its presence as the internet’s cesspit by introducing an anonymous down-voting system. Uncle Eustace can now upvote his favorite bigoted rhetoric and face 0 social accountability for it!
  • Zillow says that millennials can’t afford homes because we’re attending too many destination weddings. Meanwhile, none of their value estimates are remotely accurate.
  • The election board of Randolph county, Georgia is planning to close 7 of its 9 polling places. Take two guesses which group of people this will disenfranchise.
  • The Confessional gets a little bi-curious, and Surprise, Bitch! isn’t much of a surprise this week.

This week’s episode is brought to you by Rothy’s (use code MILL to get free shipping), MeUndies (use code MILL to get 15% off and free shipping), and PolicyGenius!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • An additional bi-curious confessional!
  • How many, uh, verbal fillers did we use in episode 4×30?
  • It is now U.S. policy to support poachers: dozens of permits have been issued to GOP donors, allowing them to murder endangered species abroad and bring their “trophies” home for the mantle.

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Episode #4×31: Podcast Married

  • One of our hosts spent $20 on avocado toast, so we fired her and warned that she’ll never be able to afford a home.
  • Marc sits in, promoting Andrew to ask a barrage of personal questions as one does.
  • Who’s getting guaranteed salaries, health insurance, bonuses for wins, and subscription payments? Gamers. The panel experiences a sudden desire for a career shift.
  • JFK nOT DeAd CIA tOOK DoWn JFK jr. So hilLarY COulD RuN fOR SEnaTe tOM HAnKS iS A PedoPhiLe tRUMP kNoWs ExaCtlY hOW tO Be prEsiDEnt wE ArE Q
  • Electric scooters are the latest craze in major cities and we all clearly fucked up by ditching our razors.
  • We’re asked via the confessional what we think happens after death and we (probably) disappoint the asker.
  • Surprise, Bitch! 5th time’s the charm.

And in this week’s After Dark:

  • After last week’s complaining about fitness models on instagram, we can’t wait to talk about our mad gainz.
  • Listener feedback comes with a reaction to listener Kris’s transition to living in her card and a warning to steer clear of a certain credit bureau’s subscription program.

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Episode #4×30: On The Road

  • Welcome to the end of 420 jokes – it’s episode 4×30 maaaaaaan.
  • Welcome Roshni! This week, we kick off a new $10 Patron benefit where we’ll be bringing on listener guest hosts.
  • This week marks the 53rd anniversary of the Voting Rights Act. The best way to celebrate is to check your voter registration status.
  • Listener Kris is moving out of her apartment, and into her car. We call her, and she fields a multitude of questions about her new life.
  • Judeo-Christian ideals are deeply rooted in our culture and politics. Roshni brings this topic to the table, and asks a few very important questions. Namely, will the US ever move beyond these ideals? Should it?
  • If Alex Jones screams into the void after being banned from Facebook and Youtube, does it make a sound?
  • Recommendations: Chicago Architecture Tour, Sharp Objects, Eight Grade, and checking your credit report

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Social media norms that need to die: humble brag gym selfies, expecting people to follow/friend you, vague booking, posting pictures of your perfect fucking relationship with your amazing boyfriend OKAY KAREN WE GET IT.
  • What social media faux pas are we guilty of?

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Episode #4×29: James Gunt

  • We chose avocado toast over paying the bills, but we still managed to return from our summer break as promised.
  • Where do we stand on Disney’s firing of James Gunn? How false equivalencies and absolutism have made this debate a frustrating one.
  • Andrew made Laura a song, our listeners fap to Andrew, and much more in this week’s confessional.
  • In altogether non-shocking news, then-candidate Trump was presented with evidence that Vladimir Putin sought to interfere in the 2016 election, and a best friendship was born.
  • If a drunk girl doesn’t vomit in an Uber, and the driver reports it, does it leave a mess?
  • Demi Lovato relapses after 6 years of sobriety: we share our take on the growing opioid epidemic.
  • The Trump administration is trying to cut key provisions of the Endangered Species Act, which will result in doom and destruction on planet earth (no, really).
      1. Comment here
      2. ALSO comment here — there’s two proposals, so people should comment on both
      3. Find out who your federal reps are here

And in this week’s episode of After Dark:

  • The MuggleSuck Tales continue with a modern twist.
  • AP choice brings questions from our $10 Patrons: favorite meals to cook, experiences taking anti-depressants, homeschooling, and more!

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Episode #4×28: From The Right

  • On this week’s episode, we take a walk on the conservative side. Listener Parker joins us to talk hot button topics like immigration, funding, healthcare, and abortion.
  • If con is the opposite of pro, isn’t congress the opposite of progress? Several members of congress get duped into publicly endorsing a program that would arm preschoolers.
  • Facebook wants to ensure you’re seeing more of the things you care about: baby pictures, cat videos, and Infowars conspiracy theories.
  • Another one bites the dust: another key pillar of the Affordable Care Act, risk adjustments, have been slashed from the budget.
  • Devil’s Advocate sees us truly crossing the aisle this week, as each host has to argue in favor of an opposing political ideology.
  • Don’t forget to check out our new album art. Kudos to (insert name here?)!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • New stories from #Millennial: Andrew Sims and the Prisoner of Pet Policies, Laura Tee and the Rising Premium Rates.
  • How can companies ensure brand loyalty amongst millennials? What sorts of practices turn us off?
  • Google That Shit!

We will be off next week, but Patrons will receive an extra 7 minutes of good content recorded during this episode. It’ll be released around the middle of next week!

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