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We brought you the original Jurassic Park. We crafted the first craft beer. We patented the concept of social commentary and invented the cat meme revolution. We are viral, apathetic, digital, entitled and diverse. We are the iEra of human evolution. We are #Millennial podcast.

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And we’re here to change the world. Armed only with the ubiquitous power of USB headsets and mediocre production value, we will not rest until every inane story has been unearthed, turned to click-bait, and generated at least 300 pointless internet comments. We’re like Walter Cronkite with attitude, if Walter Cronkite had been an idiot.

Each week, a roundtable of friends discuss the latest news affecting our daily lives. But it isn’t all about figuring out how to afford rent, securing our digital lives, and eating avocado toast — We also discuss butts, pesky relationships, annoying family members, and anything else that enters our medicated brains. Simply put, #Millennial podcast is your show for dealing with and laughing through growing up.

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Our Friends

Other People’s Lives: You know when you’re walking down the street, pass by a complete stranger, and you think you’ll never really know that persons story or what they do behind closed doors — we’ll there’s a podcast we’ve been listening to called Other People’s Lives that gives you a glimpse into the lives, fetishes, strange addictions, and secrets of complete strangers.

Episode #5×02: No Cheese For You

  • It’s 2019, but we peaked in 2009 so don’t expect us to participate in your 2009 vs 2019 selfie challenge.
  • Laura and Pam detail their weekend drama of cheese fries and Bachelor viewing parties.
  • This week’s $10 Patron guest is Shania, who is gracious and speaks openly with us about being on the Asexuality spectrum.
  • AP Choice: What advice to we have for couples getting ready to move in together?
  • Listener feedback proves that cursive isn’t actually useless.
  • We talk about which Dems are in for 2020 and what is officially the longest government shutdown in US history. People are hurting, what can we do to help? And when will Agent Orange realize he’s never getting his wall?
  • UPDATE: R.Kelly is officially under investigation following Lifetime’s docuseries, “Surviving R.Kelly.”
  • GAME: Fact or Fiction: Government Shutdown Edition.
  • This week’s episode is brought to you by Policy Genius, Audible (Visit Audible.com/MILL for a free trial), and Zola (Start your free wedding website and also get $50 off your registry at go

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • “Tidying up with Marie Kondo” is taking the world (and our closets) by storm. Laura has cleared out 6 trash bags’ worth of donations, Pam has emptied her closet, and Andrew has always been orderly.
  • Our tips for deciding what to part with and how to “let go” of things.
  • We all share what we have the hardest time parting with and methods we’ve employed to clear our homes.

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Episode #5×01: Bubble Butt

  • We’re back for SEASON 5! (Sorry Andrew.)
  • We recount our NYE experiences: little brothers, poopy plungers, and dogs shoving things into toilets. It gets weird.
  • Announcing our new Patreon 2019 benefits: Face to Face hangouts, BREAKING NEWS, LANDY becomes one big show, and $5+ Patrons to get Mega Millennial episodes. Learn more here!
  • AP Choice: Andrew and Pat relationship edition. $10 Patrons get to ask our favorite couple anything!
  • New Year, New Laws! Florida restores voting rights for former felons, hard liquor sales are banned on Sundays in Mississippi, and new gender options are available on CA and NY driver’s licenses. Which of these is the lie?
  • What does 2019 hold in store for President Trump? The hosts make predictions about whether the President will resign, be impeached, or remain untouched by the Mueller investigation.
  • Ellen DeGeneres REALLY wants Kevin Hart to host the Oscars. Has Hart redeemed himself sufficiently to deserve the hosting opportunity and Ellen’s allyship?
  • Bubble butt bubble bubble bubble butt.
  • This week’s sponsors are Rothy’s (visit Rothys.com and enter code ‘MILL’ for free shipping), Care/Of (get 25% your first order of personalized vitamins with code ‘MILL’), and Harry’s (Get a $13 value trial set that comes with everything you need by visiting Harrys.com/Millennial)

And in this first 2019 installment of After Dark, available on Patreon:

  • Someone is understandably trying to kick some of her student loan debt, but Laura has some concerns about the method employed to do so.
  • In shocking news to no one, R.Kelly is a creep and needs to be shunned by society and the music business.
  • This brings us to a discussion about the all-too-common trend in Hollywood of young girls being groomed by much older, successful men. Is the music world preparing for its own #timesup moment?

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Episode #4×48: Star Struck

  • The #Millennial holiday spectacular is here! We’re live, on camera, and drinking! Patrons can watch video of our entire recording here.
  • Our $5 and $10 Patrons gained access to a new benefit: an exclusive #Millennial Discord channel where you can chat with each other and the hosts in realtime! Head over to patreon.com/millennial and click Settings > Account > Add Discord to join in the conversation!
  • The Secret Santa exchange is back, and this year’s gifts are decidedly thoughtful (and in one case, sexxxxy).
  • AP Choice: How do YOU plan on relaxing this holiday season? FB Official Patrons sound off.
  • The Number: Holiday Binge Edition. Will the cost of all these streaming services rival cable package costs? Probably. Will we still pay for it? Probably.
  • Recommendations include a breakfast product and a particular Christmas movie.
  • The EPA may be undoing the Clean Water Act and Facebook continues fucking up.
  • Recommendations include a breakfast product and a particular Christmas movie.
  • We’ll be back the week of January 7th for SEASON 5!
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by BioClarity (bioclarity.com and enter code MILL for 50% off your first month) and Warby Parker (warbyparker.com/mill to get your free at-home try on!). Support the show by supporting these awesome companies!

And in this final 2018 installment of After Dark:

  • More feedback about Canadian goose jackets flies in and Andrew reconsiders his stance on the $1,000 jacket.
  • We go over all the the expected and unexpected happenings of 2018, and what we’re most excited for in 2019 (please God let it be Mueller Time).
  • The Number Part Deux: New Year’s Edition.

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Episode #4×47: Seasoned

  • We’re gearing up for the holidays! Andrew and Pat are baking cookies, Laura is nearly getting murdered by repairmen, and the deadline to sign up for healthcare is December 15th!
  • Listeners sound off: reactions to last week’s CRISPR discussion and a confessional about a sexless relationship.
  • Since Tumblr is removing porn, we can go ahead and say RIP. On a lighter note, our Associate Producer Choice has $10 Patrons sharing their favorite porn sources, so take notes!
  • “Keep your pic in your pants!” Cyber flashing is the hot new way to sexually harass unwitting iPhone users who don’t monitor their Airdrop settings.
  • Get ready to buy your Amtrak passes: the new Boeing 737 MAX has a YUGE problem that caused a Lion Air flight to crash off the coast of Indonesia. As if that weren’t bad enough, several major airlines have thousands of these planes on order.
  • Since we’re doomed to repeat our historic failures, China has begun interning hundreds of thousands of Muslims in concentration camps in the Xinjiang territory.
  • Surprise, Bitch! gets all pharmaceutical and shit.
  • Reminder: Next week’s episode will be our last of the year and will air LIVE over at patreon.com/millennial. If you’ve ever wanted to know what we look like, now is your chance.
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And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Holiday etiquette: who to bring, what to bring, and what not to talk about.
  • Holiday firsts! What do you do when you bring someone home for the first time? What are our first Christmas memories?
  • Andrew holds a holiday grudge and shares a touching Christmas story.

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Episode #4×46: Fake It Til You OmgWait

  • We’re back this week with guest Jared, who works for a probation and parole department. Will we get through the episode without bring thrown in the clink?
  • Jared schools us on the importance of criminal justice reform, as well as the other areas our justice system has room for improvement.
  • On the first day of Christmas Robert Mueller gave to me…
  • Now that we can’t watch porn at Starbucks anymore, what is the point of going there, even?
  • A Chinese scientist named He Jiankui has reported that he’s created the world’s first “designer babies,” or gene-edited babies. This development confirms that we are indeed living in a hellscape.
  • Devil’s Advocate finds the panel arguing in support of designer super hero babies.
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by ZipRecruiter.com/Mill, Audible.com/Mill, and Homesick Candles (Enter code MILL for free shipping and 10% off any order over $60).

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Payless fools a bunch of toolbag influencers into saying they’d spend hundreds on their $20 shoes.
  • We talk about how to side hustle and provide tips and tricks from our own experiences. We also poll Patrons to find out what they do on the side to make extra cash. Turns out most millennials have a side hustle, so who’re the lazy, entitled ones now, baby boomers?!
  • Pam brings it home with a mini Hype discussion about Disney pulling a Thanos on Netflix’s Marvel shows, Ariana Grande’s new music video, and the retirement of rapey Christmas songs.

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Episode #4×45: Satan Wins

  • Turkey hangover has passed, the world is still on fire, and #Millennial is back!
  • What did we do when we were off-air the last two weeks? Partied like fucking rockstars, that’s what.
  • Jk, we all saw Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Weak Screenplays.
  • The US spirals further and further into Orwellian dystopia. Merry Christmas, have some tear gas.
  • George Soros, often accused of bankrolling left-wing conspiracies, was blamed by no other than Facebook for the negative press surrounding its various data privacy breaches.
  • This episode of #Millennial is brought to you by the Satanic Church and Netflix.
  • The Number returns to school President Snow about some voter fraud numbers (fun fact: you’re more likely to be struck by lightening twice in your lifetime than you are to commit voter fraud!). Want to check our sources? Brennan Center   ACLU: Facts About Voter Suppression
  • Support the show by supporting this week’s sponsors: Policy Genius (www.policygenius.com), Rothy’s (www.rothys.com and enter code MILL for free shipping), and BioClarity (www.bioclarity.com and enter code MIL for 50% off and free shipping).

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Episode #4×44: Confused

  • We’re joined by Rachel Ritlop, the owner of The Confused Millennial website and podcast!
  • California has had a terrible week — Pam and Andrew have stories relating to the Thousand Oaks shooting and the horrific fires
  • Midterm update: The Blue Wave’s high tide continues, as Donald Trump declares that we shouldn’t count all votes
  • We talk to Rachel about how The Confused Millennial became her full time job
  • What are the biggest challenges with being on that work-from-home grind? And are more people hopping on the freelance train?
  • The panelists have a classic millennial issue in common: They all worry about the future.
  • This week’s news all involves entertainment: Disney+, Toy Story 4, Detective Pikachu, and Stan Lee
  • We call one of our listeners who enjoys life as a freelancer (but don’t expect them to attend a 12:01 AM Fantastic Beasts screening
  • Andrew recommends Joking Hazard, a game like Cards Against Humanity, but with pictures
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by Homesick Candles (use promo code MILL for 10% off a $50+ order and free shipping), Lola (use promo code MILL for 40% off a subscription), and Policy Genius!

And this week in After Dark:

  • Pam recently visited Disneyland where it’s impossible to find short lines.
  • In better news for Pam, she’s finally settled on a therapist. She talks about how she found the right one.
  • In other mental health news, Andrew is finally off of Lexapro. However, he wonders if he’d be better off continuing to take small doses.

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Episode #4×43: Blue… Something

  • Welcome to the 2018 midterms, which will never ever #%$&ing end.
  • Light up a fat one in honor of the nation’s most reviled Keebler Elf, Jeff Sessions.
  • Podcast friends! Check out the podcast Other People’s Lives for the inside scoop on being a 40-year-old virgin, a ghost hunter, and much more.
  • The good: over 1 million Floridians had voting rights re-instated, over 100 women were elected to congress, Democrats took control of the House, the first openly gay governor was elected in Colorado, and the Beto effect trickled down to the state level.
  • The bad (and expected): Republicans maintain control of the Senate, Democrats already infighting about Nancy Pelosi, and several key races still too close to call.
  • The ugly: Voter suppression in Georgia, Trump White House bans Jim Acosta, and with Jeff Sessions fired, Trump has a new lapdog overseeing the Mueller investigation.
  • In The Spin Room, Trump, Huckabee-Sanders, and Conway make appearances to defend the President’s post-midterm rhetoric.
  • We take out the Mailbag and touch on some of your questions: outsider funding for elections, vegetarianism, NaNoWriMo, and gay bath houses.
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by SquareSpace (use offer code MILL) and Policy Genius – support the show by supporting these companies!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available to $2+ Patrons:

  • The Number returns with a midterms edition! How much student loan debt could have been paid off with the amount spent on this election?
  • We Surprise Bitch three listeners. Two pick up the phone, and one gets an interesting voicemail from Andrew.
  • Laura gets some intel on where in Canada she can move to (she’s sort of not kidding).

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Episode #4×42: VOTE

  • Pam and Andrew watched the LONG World Series, while Laura got heckled by a weirdo neighbor.
  • We create a special 11 minute #Millennial minisode for when you wait in line to vote.
  • Announcing the new $1 Patreon supporter tier – DTF! Come on, aren’t we worth $1?
  • The MAGAnuts are at it again: shooting at a synagogue in Pittsburgh and pipe bombs being mailed to prominent Democrats and CNN.
  • For a different kind of explosion, check out the AutoBlow AI – the first sex toy capable of delivering a lifelike blowjob (minus the jaw soreness).
  • Millennials are making Facebook great again… by quitting Facebook.
  • Surprise Bitch! Takes us to Maryland and we shittalk our former co-hosts for leaving the show to get educated.
  • This week’s episode is sponsored by TIVO, ZipRecruiter, Beach Body on Demand, and BioClarity. Visit our Advertiser Deals page to get links and promo codes!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark, available exclusively on Patreon:

  • Travel nightmares: forgetting wallets, bop its thrown in the Rio Grande, and guarding Tyga’s bling on an airplane.
  • Hidden from the Headlines: Big Tobacco is trying to get Montanans to vote against their own healthcare to avoid a hefty cigarette tax. Also, smokers are gross.
  • Montanans: Vote YES on I-185 next week to save Medicaid expansion in your state!

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Episode #4×41: Chicago Gangbang

  • Listener Josh joins us on the show this week to talk Star Wars drama, Trump supporting relatives, and to make Andrew envious of his silky radio voice.
  • Laura gives a review of Chicago, Hamilton, and a new definition of gang banging.
  • Researchers at Oxford University report that Virtual Reality exposure therapy can help us withstand our anxieties. How might exposure training for the crippling fear of inadequacy be facilitated?
  • Every time you eat a porkchop, God kills a kitten you are killing the planet.
  • 64% of American adults can’t successfully answer questions like “Who was the first President of the United States?” and “Where is the Statue of Liberty located?” No wonder they don’t know where their polling places are.
  • The panel takes the US citizenship test on air – do we pass?
  • Don’t forget to sign up for your first month of Patreon at the $5 level before November 1st and send us confirmation of your voter registration to get your first month FREE.
  • This week’s show is sponsored by TeamiBlends (use code MILL for 20% off), Audible, and Scentbird (Text MILL to 2-4-6-8-10 to receive 50% off your first month). Support the show by supporting these companies!

And in this week’s installment of After Dark:

  • Should people have their citizenship revoked if they can’t pass the citizenship test? Josh and Sarah Huckabee Sanders weigh in.
  • A grocery store worker is fired for stealing $9,200 worth of ham over the span of 8 years, New Zealanders are being sued by Israel, and a gender reveal goes very, very wrong.

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