Bonus Content

After Dark: Our flagship benefit on Patreon. Each installment is an extension of the episode it corresponds to, wherein we let ourselves explore much more personal, risque topics than during the full show.

Hashing it Out: Candid audio of us trying to figure our shit out right before recording time. Contains a lot of expletives and general confusion.

Host Vlogs: As if you haven’t heard enough from us, we also do video blogs weekly. We’ll be honest, these get kind of weird sometimes.

Milestones achieved: We have goals. Aside from finding out which dead animal lives on Donald Trump’s head, our main goal is delivering fun, quality bonus content to as many of you as possible. As you add to our ranks, you open the Pandora’s box of additional rewards. You’ve been warned.

Other: We do a lot of other things that don’t fit neatly into our main bonus content categories, so here you go, deviants.