About Us

We are the team that brought you the original Jurassic Park. We crafted the first craft beer. We patented the concept of social commentary and invented the cat meme revolution. We are #viral and apathetic, digital, entitled and diverse. We are the iEra of human evolution. We are #Millennial.

And we’re here to change the world. Armed only with the ubiquitous power of USB headsets and mediocre production value, we will not rest until every important news story has been unearthed, turned to click-bait, and generated at least 300 pointless internet comments. We’re like Walter Cronkite with attitude, if Walter Cronkite had been an idiot.

Our show airs weekly and unpacks the previous week’s news, both stories that made headlines and a lot of important ones that didn’t. Each episode is a mix of serious and fun, as seen through the filter of four Millennials with very different tastes, perspectives and areas of expertise.

Hosts of the show include Andrew Sims and friends.

Join us.